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Our Story

Here at the The Deer Bong™ we love the outdoors... AND DRINKIN!  So we figured how could we combine the two.  The magic happened at a cousin's wedding (shoutout to Mitch and Kristin), their table center pieces featured a plastic antler. 
The Deer Bong™ was created within 5 minutes of sitting down and discovering the antler had a hole but it was severely flawed.
It lacked a vent so it wouldn't hold much beer.  That's where the steak knife came in handy and was used to cut a vent at the end of the antler.
And The Deer Bong™ was born, but that was just the start...
The antler used at the wedding was far from the ideal drinking tool, it didn't hold a full beer and could only be drank out of one end.
We went to the drawing board and designed an antler optimized for DRINKIN. First it had to hold at least a beer, we were able to develop to hold almost 2! Next it had to be able to be drank of both ends, mission accomplished.  We were able to do all this and maintain the look of the antler.
CAD drawing of the final product
Now it was time to figure out production.  The trend now is to go on the internet and find a supplier in China and have them produce the product.  Here at The Deer Bong™ we believe in USA manufacturing and keeping local jobs and are honored to say it is MADE IN THE US OF A BABY!!! 
We are glad to finally be at the stage of releasing our product and cannot wait for you to enjoy it.
Deer Bong Chris
Inventor of The Deer Bong™
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